Tim Newhouse- Owner, Photographer


I enjoy all aspects of photography. I know you want beautiful, fun, timeless images of your wedding. I know you want a kickass headshot for your business that shows confidence with approachability. I know you want photos that stand out. I know you want to capture, show off, display, & remember the personality of your kids, at any precious age. I know you want to remember how small your baby was at 2 weeks old.

I get it. I love it.

A few things you may, or may not, care to know about me.

-- I'm super patient when it comes to photographing kids ( I have 2 little ones of my own).

--I kinda prefer the not-smiling pics!

-- I recently learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube (I know you don't care, but I'm proud, dammit.)

-- Sea Urchin, cottage cheese & bananas are the most disgusting foods on the planet.

-- Please don't tell her when she hits 12, but my little girl has me wrapped around her finger.

--You wouldn't believe how long I could spend photographing a white egg on a white sheet of paper.

--Please don't tell my wife, but I get teary at some commercials, any milestones of my kids (first days of school, first tooth loss, etc.) and a few of those damn Tim McGraw songs. I don't know if I'm a softy or just need medication.

- I'm obsessive about photos and punctuation.

-- Don't tell my male friends, but When Harry Met Sally is still my favorite movie.

-- Don't be alarmed- I'm a sweater.